Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Russia shall enter the territory of Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

Another "humanitarian" pillar: 142 units of military hardware

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13 August
Dibrovka came through a column of Russian military equipment. It passed through the village of Dmytrivka (Donetsk region). The convoy consists of 142 units, including radars, mobile medical clinics and even 20 fuel trucks.
On all machines with white marks. The military moved in the direction of Snow. Residents of the city have seen a large number of military personnel in uniform with white bandages.
As previously reported, 12 August local residents in Luhansk oblast's Sverdlovsk city saw the movement of the tank painted by white. The 280 white Vehicles from Russia are in the Rostov region and shall enter the territory of Ukraine, allegedly with humanitarian aid.

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