Friday, August 8, 2014

Maidan 2.0 Leader Wears Russian Flag T-Shirt to Press Conference

Maidan 2.0 Leader Wears Russian Flag T-Shirt to Press Conference After Protesters Clash With Govt Forces
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I have been asked to post this example of the current arogant and
abrasive attitude of the Right Sector towards the Maidan 2.0 movement
that was involved with clashes with the Oligarch sponsored junta forces.
There have been reports that members of the Right Sector have joined in
the private Army’s of oligarches known in Kiev known locally as Kiev 1
and Kiev 2 and are said to under the personal control of the Junta
appointed Mayor of Kiev Vitali Kiltchko but thought to be sponsored by
Ukrianian Grigory Surkis and London based Russian oligarch Roman
Anyway the Maidan activist has asked me to publish the message from
the Right Sector to the Maidan 2.0 movement which is seeking toreduce
the influence of Oligarch in Ukrainian society;
Hi all! My name is Bogdan and I’m one of
the volunteers in charge of regular update for Maidan 2.0 society in
facebook. In evening yesterday, me received that message from unknown RS
Listen here,
dolts and idiots! Stop posting in your f@cking group that bullshit about
Right Sector! Stop it right now or we will come and burn houses of
every of you! Keep on licking asses to jewish boxer and other pseudo
radicals of yours, but since now do it as quite as it possible can be.
You lost everything, you dolts! Even Americans are not going to support
financially your activity anymore, cause you proved that you all are
impotent. Now sit and watch how the Right Sector is going to do it. Ynuk
and all his criminal gang comes first, after them be sure we are going
to deal short with you all as well! Not long ago I had a talk with
American instructor working with my group. Pretty guy and not a Jew. He
says US stop its financial participation in maidan and work now with the
Right Sector only. Yes, the Right Sector already receives money and
weapons from Americans. We are the only real force now! Now, since you
read and got the message, delete please all the bullshit we can see now
in Maidan 2.0 and sit quiet and canny. Glory to Ukraine!”
Original message was written in
Ukrainian, hope my translation is readable and enough to understand the
things The Right Sector spread now in facebook.
This spit can also be seen by a leader of
the Maidan 2.0 movement interrupting a Maidan press conference on the
events of Aug 07 wearing a T-Shirt with a Russian flag on it! At the
same press conference a Maidan 2.0 speaker also accused Ukrainian
Interior Minister Caucus born Arsen Avakov of being a Russian spy.
Seems like things just got more interesting
in Kiev with Maidan Press Conferences now resembling those of the
Donetsk and Lughansk Peoples Republics!
It's the things that make you go hmmm.

for full talk by this maiden leader see

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