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Liberation Day : Kharkov townspeople gathered under the flags of South-East despite Kiev

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Day of the liberation of Kharkov - flags and explosions

I'll start from the end. just near the monument to the Liberator Soldier rare passers-by watched a funny picture. Porltora dozen of some young people vvystroilis face to the monument and clutching his right fist to his heart pulled out of tune "Sche ne vmerla Ukraine ...". People around whinnying loudly. Especially those who saw what was happening a few hours earlier. When this monument celebrated Liberation Day townspeople gathered under the flags of South-East and the Communist Party of Ukraine. Yes, in Kharkov Communists have the audacity to come out and publicly spit in his face Hunte.
Everything depends on individuals. A former member of parliament Alexander courage enough. As the leader of the South-East of Yuri Apukhtina, released on meeting with the thumb on his leg and a prison in the near future (he was under house arrest). By the way, the movement of Southeast quickly banned by a court decision. But (!) Made a blunder - the solution is not in force. Although some hysterical, seeing flags movement started yelling "How ?! Why !? Its the same forbidden?". And the laughter of the citizens retreated.
Holiday lasted about two hours and was almost without incident. Besides screaming hysterics, there were only two incidents. Even during prohozhdaniya aleee on St. George's ribbon with some of the local cyclist Bandera tried to ram the veterans. But was quickly taken off the bicycle and timid loser appeal to the police "beat me" go unnoticed.

The second incident occurred at the end. Sergei, who was standing with the flag of South-East, the police asked to show your passport, and then began to pull into the car. Gathered immediately surrounded the police car and after a 5-minute skirmish Man defended the policemen and passport confiscated. Law enforcement officers attempted to justify the fact that the movement of Southeast smoking, but they poked his nose in the appeal and the decision of the court, has not yet entered into force.
The incident could be considered closed if it were not coming in at the finish of the bus with the rebels of the battalion Sloboda. The truth came out only one of them. Stood, shone physiognomy, and disappeared into the jeep (pictured below). draws attention to the form of a complete lack of any markings - name, title, etc. About ethnicity speaks only tabbed box that says in English "UKRAINE". Presumably, going to surrender to NATO forces, not just on the Move write.

The rest of the holiday was a success. Once again, showing everyone that Kharkiv is not "merged", Kharkiv fights, not afraid of Kharkiv.

Well, as everyone knows, not everyone can come to the feast. People work:

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