Friday, August 29, 2014

Kolomoisky, preparing to blow up the dam DnieproGES in case of surrender of the city.

Kolomoysky DnieproGES explode if the militia should Zaporozhye

LifeNews learned some details secret "plan B", prepared by the Ukrainian oligarch.

According to LifeNews, Zaporozhye, now located under the auspices of the actual head of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky, preparing for a possible transition to the hands of militias. We became aware of the secret "Plan B", which was discussed on August 28 heads of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions. According to our well-informed source, the power of Zaporozhye, controlled by oligarch, preparing to blow up the dam DnieproGES in case of surrender of the city.
On Thursday, August 28, Igor Kolomoisky announced that it would begin the implementation of a "Plan B", without explaining what it is. But the tycoon said that now takes control and protection of Mariupol and Odessa. According to experts, Kolomoysky can not count on the help of Kiev, so deal with militia forces he would have alone.
- He is sponsoring its punitive battalions, other forces he does not. All the government army will remain in the south-east of the country, and under no circumstances Poroshenko now will not help Kolomoiskiy - said military expert Vladimir Timoshenko.
As told LifeNews source in Zaporozhye city administration, shortly after this statement appeared in the city Kolomoiskiy Boris Filatov, the right hand of the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. He ordered local officials to prepare for the worst and prepare dam DnieproGES undermine.
Retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin said Kolomoysky in case of a plan to undermine the dam would be "suicide".
- Burst the dam DnieproGES wash away part of Ukraine and Russia. No war is not worth the sacrifices, as the threat of destruction DGES - said the expert.
- In the history of military conflicts were similar to the situation when there is a risk of collapse of dams and power plants. But even in the Great Patriotic War, the Germans tried to avoid this - says military expert Evgeny CHernousov.

According to the source LifeNews in Zaporozhye, the local authorities are appalled by the Kolomoiskiy and his assistants, who do not skimp on the threat. However, the internal tensions within the district does not give officials an opportunity to confront the pressure of the oligarch. Production at the main local factories suspended because of the ban on military-technical cooperation with Russia. In the autumn a few of them can be closed completely.
All this contributes to the growth of discontent and opposition to the authorities. Zaporozhye remains one of the few cities that refused to turn off in order to save gas in the eternal fire. To avoid possible disturbances, in addition to people Kolomoiskiy in Kiev sent battalions that had previously conducted a sweep of Mariupol "unreliable" people.
In this case, political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev assures that the situation in the region Kolomoysky risks alienating a large part of the population of Mariupol and Zaporozhye.
- As soon as the troops of the militia will be included in a regional center, many residents of Zaporizhia can replenish their ranks. Live there Cossacks. They know how and love to fight. In favor of the resistance fighters and the National Guard battalions Kolomoiskiy says local electorate tired of empty promises and lordly manners Kolomoiskiy - said the expert. - Taxis mood and the economy: housing prices, currency instability, the gas pressure on the issue of people in favor of resistance to power.
DnieproGES - critical infrastructure south-east of Ukraine. One that feeds electricity station several areas. Dam DnieproGES blew twice during the Great Patriotic War. For the first time - on the orders of the Soviet leadership, the second time to undermine the Germans carried out during the retreat from the territory of Zaporizhzhya.

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