Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ukrainian paratroopers and motorized infantry defeated near Izvarino

Do fighters end ammunition and provisions, to take out the wounded and the dead can not.
У военных сложная обстановка
The military complex situation / AP
Ukrainian paratroopers and motorized infantry defeated near Izvarino. No support, the soldiers do not hope to survive until morning, phoned site one of the commanders of the brigade, the fourth day located in the environment.
Motorized infantry suffered serious losses, can not take out the wounded and dead. A few kilometers from the 72nd, also surrounded by fighters are airmobile 79th and 24th mechanized brigade, which suffered heavy losses in the area Zelenopolya July 11.
We surrounded by soldiers at the end of ammunition and provisions. Break out of the boiler alone they can not. According to the officer, the separatists methodically shot of Ukrainian military artillery and multiple rocket launchers. Motorized infantry, one by one lose their armor and fighters. The situation is critical, the soldiers are not sure that they can hold out until the morning.
Another officer of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade in a telephone interview Espresso.TV spoke about the critical situation of soldiers surrounded the ATU.
"We are now not shelled, but we hear that the fighting is not far from us, there is shelling 79th Airmobile Brigade," - said in a telephone officer.
"Recently, in direct fights we do not enter. We just shelled from a distance of several kilometers. Bute from the border. With Ukrainian territory or Russian - is not known. Shelling carried hail, guns and mortars. Yesterday, a few of our blown up on a land mine . above us constantly flying drones. course, we try to shoot them down, but it is not always possible, "- said the officer.
Press secretary of the Anti-Terrorist Center Vladislav Seleznev, which Informator'u reached by telephone said that the command knows about the plight surrounded units and making every effort to save them. According Selezneva freighter Ukrainian Air Force shot down "militias" July 15, was part of a plan to rescue the blocked infantry.
"We believe these guys are heroes, we have not forgotten about them and do everything in our power to help them," - he said.
Oleg Tsarev night politician said in his Facebook, that "in accordance with the Decision of the Parliament on the formation of the state border of New Russia, released and created the first customs checkpoint - checkpoint Izvarino."

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