Thursday, July 31, 2014

NATO forces in Ukraine and Russia retraction in the Great War of the United States.

 NATO forces in Ukraine and Russia retraction in the Great War of the United States.

     Jul. 30th, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Everyone remembers the events that took place on the second of each month, starting in May.

It all began in Odessa on May 2. The most terrible and bloody event at that time - it burned people at the House of Unions

Next resonant event occurred on June 2 in Lugansk - Kiev punitive attack caused an airstrike on the building of the regional administration.

Eight people were killed, 28 injured by gunfire

In July, the second number, the tragedy occurred in the village of Luhansk. Ul.Ostrovskogo.

Many dead and wounded, including children.

After that was "unplanned" provocation junta downed Boeing. At the time there was a critical situation in the Southern troops boiler for Kiev and Kiev this provocation used on all 146%. (Rumored militia then prepared a massive offensive)

While Moscow has taken a pause in "humanitarian" aid until the militia stopped on the scale and audacity of the Kiev provocation Poroshenko and began to sharp offensive on all fronts, wanting to unlock South boiler and possibly cut from Lugansk Donetsk.
But the desire was, and did not have enough capacity, so yesterday unexpectedly called for Kerry to a truce.
But it looks like Moscow and militia ignored the next "call for peace", more like an opportunity to take a breather and the junta to relocate (as with the previous truce).

The junta is clearly overstretched, problems cropped up a snowball. Success in the South East as there was or not. Enormous losses, technology is not enough, not enough people, almost no money. Mobilizing threatened with collapse. And here is a failure with Boeing. Explanation black boxes and Russian data disclosure threatens a complete disaster. And, most importantly, the goal is not achieved - entering NATO forces in Ukraine and Russia retraction in the Great War to the delight of the United States. Generally Rukalitso.

And then on the way August 2. Momentous day in Russia - Day of Airborne. Kiev probably already licked on that date.

I do not know what can huntyata, but in keeping with its tradition to surprise the world with their fascist tendencies exactly on the second day of each month, imagine a few scenarios.

Yesterday's launch of ballistic missiles ukrovoyakami (perhaps it was a training session before the event), convicted in a hurry from the U.S., give some options.

Obktov provocations could become three regions.

Zaporozhe.Est one embodiment, 100% but shocking the world community - a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant.
Zaporizhia 2 times larger than the South-Ukrainian, and now one of its units out of service and repaired.
In Kiev in the Kiev authorities have all the power, means and opportunity to carry out the attack.
Yes, and relative proximity to the Donbas play on the version of the track and militias, as a consequence, Russia. Explosion at the Zaporozhye and can podgadit Crimea.

Donetsk. This option is convenient and Kiev and the U.S. (close to Russia, "wrong" in their opinion the population, which shows a summary of how they do not mind fighting, chemical contamination may be difficult to maintain).
But there is nothing special to blow apart the chemical. enterprises. The effect is not such as from nuclear power plants or DnieproGES.
Junta need a top news. Explosion "Styrene" this is not achieved, it is already on fire perimeter.
Received information that at least three sets of "point" soon about to strike a wastewater treatment plant in Donetsk and some other cities of the Donbas. Sewage treatment plants - a few hundred tons of chlorine. Depending on the wind rose in the moment of impact the cloud may spread to Volnovakha. Pass gets several million people.

Dnepropetrovsk. Beni patrimony. Here Kiev can kill two birds - shit militia and most Kolomoiskiy its combat units, which for them in the future may not be less of a problem than the Gunmen.
And if you stage a provocation on Dnieper Dnieper hydroelectric or thermal power plant Krivoy Rog and a total capacity of 4.7 MW, DneproGES, the effect is magical. Given that soon fall, no gas and electricity will not. Alternatives are not. Full ass.

Blaming the Kremlin, you can reach a new level of sanctions to justify to the public for the destruction and collapse of the economy, to get financial help to repair the effects generally go through the edge of the abyss and try not to break in BP.
But the junta, she is the junta, as always something goes wrong and the flight into the abyss will be long and dreadful, the landing will be very tough.

Winter in Ukraine will be terrible.
Holodomor and holodomor.
Gumantitarnaya crash is detected.
To survive, it is necessary, as in the 20's and 30's, drop everything and leave. In Canada, Poland, Russia.
Ukrainian citizens still do not understand.

For those who do not understand the "MOV" and the style of presentation, briefly and clearly translate the essence of this memorandum: MONEY NOT AND WILL NOT BE WHAT TO DO - is unclear.

Document from the Ministry of Finance clearly paints depth of the chasm that deep ass, which is long-suffering Ukrainian ecnomy:

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