Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Decoding of the black boxes from the downed Boeing MH17

 Why are the #US & #Ukraine so adamant about hiding #MH17 evidence?

By: Adam Baum

  It's pretty obvious by now that the Netherlands, in choosing the UK to analyze the Black Boxes,  are in collaboration with those who wish to hide the facts to the MH17 crime. Malaysian officials have obviously been blackmailed or bribed into turning a blind eye in this investigation. The world must not let this International terrorism, go unpunished. To do so will only enable future barbarous disasters to be used as means for self serving interests. The US has a track record of using false flags such as this tragedy to garner support as a pretext to start wars.

  Why are the US & Ukraine so adamant about hiding their evidence? Surely with all of the information available they can not succeed in brushing this incident under the rug. Nobody believes that this genocide is about spreading Democracy. If the US wants to war with Russia, Iran and China, then go for it for crying out loud and stop killing helpless women and children in financially strapped Ukraine and Gaza.
By: Scorpion 71
Jul. 29th, 2014 10:39 pm (UTC)
Dogon ...
First, the entire international community (and specifically - Western townsfolk watching channel CNN) hears that from Ukraine were launched ballistic missiles. And infa from the Pentagon. But as is not clear where these same missiles hit (which in general is not surprising, since the Ukrainian missile troops), the majority decided that Kiev was thus decided to destroy the evidence of the crashed Boeing. Well, or militias fighting in Saur-Tomb.

Militias, learning that their bombing not only hail, howitzers and other artillery fire but still using operational tactical missile systems, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Men and us."

Then U.S. Secretary of State Kerry suddenly announced that Kiev wants a truce, and not only a truce, but in general, all the Ukrainians understand that their future lies with Russia. Why is it said U.S. Secretary of State, and not the President of Ukraine to anyone not already in the course interesting.

Europe fearfully looking at everything that happens suddenly said - and let those we will cancel the sanctions against Russia. No, well, provided of course that Russia will promote, expand and deepen what is there. What Russia, represented by Putin, still silent as usual. What Europe even more frightening.

Japanese from all this quietly ohreneli as they train current that these sanctions have joined - and here such perdomonokl, and in any case decided not to shine.

In South Korea, learning about all this mayhem ohreneli more - there just went some pindos, ugovovarivat South Koreans to join the sanctions that Europe was going to cancel.


Australian Prime looked around and realized that he did not understand - decided not to risk it and still invite Putin to collect G20. Although literally just now said that Putin unworthy ..

Ukrainian forums on as usual in such cases, yelling that Kerry should be hung, all cussed and generally "get Pandu."

Generally the day was hilarious. And they have happened there can be current guess.

ICAO recognized the Russian Crimea and opened it to the sky around the world.

International Civil Aviation Organization has recognized that Crimea is Russian jurisdiction - it gave Russia the right to provide air navigation services "over the Crimea and territorial waters." This, as reported by the media, it became known after the meeting the Ministry of Transportation deputy Valery Okulov and Secretary General Raymond Benjamin ICAO.

I can offer as the version:

In Washington finally brought decoding of the black boxes from the downed Boeing. And there pilots shouting - "shoot us Ukrainian fighter" .. And then silence.

But it's not so bad.

There also in Washington, immediately taken diplomatic pouch flash drive from the Russian embassy, ​​where the same pilots shouting the same thing.

Well, the main thing: 29.07.2014 17:30 MSK URGENT. IN ACTION RDG-5 IN THE raisins - really was attacked by U.S. instructors column, 3 officers killed and wounded General instructor Randy Allen Key. He commands insurgency operations in the Donbass.
Presumably, he supervised the operation "Boeing".

Randy Allen Key (Kee RandyAlan) once trained in the educational building of reserve officers at the University of Oregon, served as navigator strategic bomber B-52 military transport pilot
Plane. Participated in operations in the Pentagon South-West Asia, the Balkans and Afghanistan. Subsequently, he worked in the U.S. Department of Defense, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, was deputy commander of Operative Center
mobile air response, Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs Directorate of the Western Hemisphere's strategic plans and policies of the Joint Staff

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