Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ukraine Awash in Fascist Blood

The Truth is out there!


The current crisis in #Ukraine is now out of control as would be the case in Crimea if not for Russian assistance. The U.S. and E.U. cooperating in an overthrow of a legitimate regime backed by a International rouge power-structure hellbent on taking control of mankind as they see fit. By tedious planning and impregnating the leaderships of a growing cabal, they have gained control of the US / EU / IMF / UN / NATO / OSCE and are now systematically and seemingly unchallenged targeting the strategic regions for their resources and locations to build a war machine to seize Russia and China through means of internal factions, creating chaos using the name of Democracy and Prosperity that they have can offer. The reality is that the countries they promise never see either,and instead inherit an un-repayble debt that they lose their country and it's assets to an Elite Oligarch who seizes the country and its people into a slavedom, and once their usefulness is spent they are eliminated.These people careless what a countries Politics or religions are as long as they control the wealth and the money. In Europe they are known as Common Purpose or CP...visit this link to learn more about who they are and what they stand for:

The Americas

In the Americas they are know by many names but the one most commonly referred to is The Illuminati.
It was brought here from the very first English settlers who started the American revolution and formed the United States. They are very secretive and have many secret societies where members are recruited and move up the ranks in degrees they call the enlightend ones built on a pyramidal shape as can be seen in their famous symbol on the back of the one dollar bill.

Their are an abundance of material and Video you can find on YouTube or Google search. Here is one to get you started though:  

More on the Ukraine Situation

Why you must understand that 's not about liberty, instead its evil is at work:

Putin & how he saved from the Oligarchs devouring (2) Part Series 1./ 2./

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